"As far as I'm concerned there is one special thing that makes START trainers stand out far above other trainers. They not only watch every move you make, but INSIST that your position be perfect. I've had a few trainers before I began with START. Then I started all over again. No other trainer made sure my weight was distributed correctly; no other trainer made sure my position was perfect, no other trainer made sure my breathing was correct.

It's horrible for me to say this, but when I do my aerobics I amuse myself by watching other trainers and their trainees. It's a wonder that people don't injure themselves more for lack of correct training. I will stick with START and not get hurt. They are that good!"

Kathie C. (66 years young)


"START trainers have an in depth and thorough knowledge of the human body as well as proper training techniques. Clients receive individualized programs based on their needs and goals, not just a random workout. Furthermore, the programs address the entire body and will account for any physical weaknesses or compromises. The programs are tailored to meet the unique fitness level of the client. You will never feel like you are getting lost in the crowd at START.
START trainers also recognize potential injuries of a client, they will not have the clients "push through the pain" or struggle for one more repetition if their form has been compromised or the client may get hurt. They have a network of medical professionals whom the clients can be referred out to for evaluation or consultation."

Justin G - Physical Therapist

"I chose START because I had watched their careful work with others in our building's basement gym. I presented them with painful arthritic hips, decreased motivation and less than desirable flexibility. START works with folks of all ages and physical abilities and I felt they would adapt to my needs. My trainer is kindly, extremely knowledgeable, intensely concentrated during training sessions, and delightfully upbeat. Have I lost weight? Yes, about 10 pounds. Am I more flexible? Yes. Is my arthritis pain diminished? Definitely. Am I continuing with our sessions after the first 2 years? Absolutely! Should others use START? If they wish to feel younger and healthier."

Joanne S (77 years young)

“Our son Jake started with his trainer in his Freshman year of High School. He is currently a two varsity sport first line player. Much of the credit goes to START. It goes without saying that his trainer is an expert in physiology, training, flexibility and speed workouts. What is not often considered is the mental toughness and confidence that he brings to the workout. Jake has always been a motivated, fit and an excellent athlete. Working with START has given him the confidence which in turn further motivated him to excel in his chosen sports; ice hockey and lacrosse. Jake is currently in the college application process. He has been asked to play lacrosse at a number of institutions but is choosing to follow the hockey path. Without START, those options would have never been available to him.”

Jake L (son 18 years young)

"START specialists helped me train for two marathons, relieve my back pain and gain flexibility. Not only did I lose weight, inches but also my health has drastically improved. Their training is so dynamic as well as interesting. START has helped me with my appearance but most importantly he has helped with my mind. Thank you START!"

Alyssa T (48 years young)

"When I started to train with START I wasn’t obese, but definitely had some weight to lose. I’d been in the gym on and off for a few years without much to show for it. I didn’t believe that a trainer would really be able to help. However, I was wrong.
What I particularly liked about START was that how they looked at me as a whole as opposed to giving me some exercises and just mindlessly counting the sets and reps. It took a bit of time, but they first helped me establish better sleep habits. Not one to diet, they took a look at what I ate and helped me identify what foods I really loved, and which ones that I could live without. The result was an almost immediate weight loss and feeling healthier and fit. I’d recommend START to anybody."

Scott L (61 years young)

"When I first went to my START trainer I was a thirty something ex-Harvard hockey player with a bad shoulder. I was probably 10-15 lbs. overweight, unable to figure out how to lose those extra pounds from a program OR motivational perspective. I hated getting on the treadmill, I could not stand to bike and was pretty much lost and very frustrated. My START trainer was recommended to me by a family member and I immediately said no, I could do it on my own. Terrible call but I am a stubborn hockey hack. Within 5 minutes of my first session he asked when I hurt my shoulder. I had not worked that hard in an hour since college and the time flew by. Flexibility, core strength, cardio - I was rejuvenated. He reached me, motivated me and got me on a doable program on my own with every Wednesday being a complete surprise yet kicking my ass. Every Wednesday I would drive from Tribeca to the Upper East Side - a brutal trip - and I loved it.
If I had had my START trainer when I was in high school and college - I would have gone further in my career. I truly believe that to this day. My kids will learn how to "work out" from a START trainer when the time comes - end of story."

Bryan L (45 years young)

"As a mother of a high schooler, I was looking for something to raise my daughter's confidence and self-esteem. Working with START did just that, and more. He changed her body and the way she feels about herself, both inside and out. START motivated her to enjoy fitness and eating healthy, as well as her self-assurance as a teenaged girl! “

Lisa K (daughter 17 years young)

"I am 64 years old and suffer from significant scoliosis which reduces my flexibility and causes severe back pain. Unlike other trainers with whom I have worked, my START specialist spent the time to learn about this disease and works with me to increase my flexibility and strengthen my core which is critical in managing the disease. He also spotted faults in my stride and has been working with me to avoid “improper” walking so that as I get older, I will not be a fall risk. He is simply the most diligent and best trainer I have worked with."

Jeff C (66 years young)

“START trainers have worked with and encouraged all members of my family to get healthier and stronger. They are knowledgeable, experienced and will educate in ways to help you in your daily activities. Their focus is on you throughout every training session. They are diligent, easy going, friendly and kind but most of all they care about improving you as an individual. With their encouragement, I have never felt better, stronger or healthier. If you are serious about changing your life for the better our whole family recommends you START!"

Lisa L (52 years young)

"When I started with my trainer I was a wreck. Walking up hills, stairs and just walking would leave me huffing and puffing. I was also about 20 lbs. overweight. Today I am down to what I consider my ideal weight. When I look back to my mid-60’s it is hard to believe the person I am today. First of all I have to tell you that my trainer is one of the nicest, most caring people you will ever meet. He makes you want to train and believe in yourself. I did have other trainers, but none of who could compare. At 82, I can walk easily and properly, take stairs and my balance is good. I go to my training with a smile on my face and if I miss a session that day is never as good."

Barbara W (88 years young)

"Training with START is a great experience. My trainer’s energy is contagious, even at 5 AM!
He is extremely knowledgeable and stays abreast of new research in the field, especially concerning special situations. I trained with START throughout my pregnancy at the age of 36. My trainer kept me both fit and sane, knowing I was performing exercises that were safe and effective. START treats each client like a movie star, focusing on their personal goals and designing individual programs to meet their specific needs. You will absolutely see results and gain the motivation needed to progress."

Betty F (45 years young)

"My START trainer has had a significant influence on my life and has helped in so many different ways, it is difficult to put into words. When we first met, in addition to being in poor physical shape, I had a particular problem with my left knee that was constantly going out of joint. I had previously consulted orthopedic doctors, but they did not come up with a solution. My trainer took one look at my leg and said, “No wonder your knee is going out of joint. You have no muscle protecting it.” Within six weeks of exercise with weights on the leg extension machine, my trainer remedied the situation and my knee has not come out of joint since. My trainer’s knowledge of the anatomy is extensive and he seems to know exactly how each muscle works and how it interacts with others.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable muscle disease known as "Inclusion Body Myositis." It’s a disease that slowly destroys the muscles in the legs. I was told that I would be in a wheelchair in about one year. My trainer consulted with my doctors and did personal research into this disease to ascertain if exercise could help my condition. Research did not come up with an answer, but my trainer did. "Let’s fight it" and we are still fighting it today. I am not in a wheelchair, at the age of 86, I am walking and working out and I attribute it to him, not only his actual training, but his advice, guidance and encouragement. He is not only a great trainer; he is a great human being, a person with not only knowledge, but one with compassion and strength which he uses to help others. To sum it up "he cares."

Leonard W (89 years young)

"Why did I drive to my trainer every single Wednesday for ten years straight when I lived all the way in New Jersey? Well that's simple: because he can do anything. I began when I was unknowingly pregnant with my first daughter. My trainer took me through four pregnancies (training all the way up to the week before I gave birth) and four, what would have been long, tedious "get back in shape" months with anyone else, and made those transitions easy, inspiring and most of all different from each one before it. After each child I had I ended up faster, stronger and more fit than I had been with the one before. If you want to get in shape and you are COMMITTED to doing what it takes (i.e., exactly what the START trainer tells you to do), then START will get you the best, stronger, most fit body you have ever had."

Erin C (44 years young)

START-Living your life the way it was meant to be…in balance and pain free!

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