START also has experts and advisors to call upon for support and for your referral.

"START trainers also recognize potential injuries of a client, they will not have the clients "push through the pain" or struggle for one more repetition if their form has been compromised or the client may get hurt. They have a network of medical professionals whom the clients can be referred out to for evaluation or consultation."

Justin G - Physical Therapist

Post Rehabilitation

START specialists work in partnership with you, your doctor, your physical therapist, or other healthcare provider, to plan and provide a safe, efficient program that will help redefine your life, speed your recovery and enable greater balance in your body.

After any injury the most important aspect of recovery is rehabilitation. A great surgery with poor rehab will affect you for years to come, but strong rehab will make that injury become a non-issue going forward.

START-Living your life the way it was meant to be…in balance and pain free!

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