Caring specialists provide programs, which range from:

Personal Training

Strength, cardiovascular, TRX, Pilates, kick boxing, yoga, pre-natal/post-partum, post rehabilitation, senior flexibility and more

Therapeutic Services

Including trigger point, massage, myofascial and active release therapies to name a few

Individual workouts and classes

START even provides in home gym design for any budget or space.

START will work with you where YOU feel comfortable - in home, in office, in the park, or in a gym. Just let us know what works...

Our Services

The START method is not some revolutionary concept; it is a common sense approach to keeping your body in balance and pain free. START programming is exclusive to you and your body’s daily fitness needs. It uniquely intertwines cross-training and therapeutic services through a team of specialists. Through START’s unique approach to fitness you will feel better, alleviate stagnation, boredom and any plateauing effects of other fitness programs.

START is all about you and as a concierge company we will work with you wherever you feel comfortable – in home, in office, in park, or in a gym.

Your age and level of fitness does not matter because our staff of specialists caters to all and to all stages of life. START programming is client specific, so it’s all about YOU!

So Let's START

We work off each individual's needs and weaknesses, by creating a fluid training regime, which will, in turn, make your weaknesses into strengths. Our specialists monitor your form at all times, and coach you on proper techniques by correcting movement patterns that could put you at risk. Assessing the body and exercising in proper form is essential for the best possible gains, not to mention that proper form protects you from any injuries that may set you back, as well as improve your daily performance in life.

You START with an initial assessment based on what you and your body needs. START will then determine which specialists is best for you to begin your journey to a balanced and pain free world. Our specialists will assess you on a monthly basis to address YOUR needs and rotate specialists, as necessary, to give YOU the best care possible.

What START Provides YOU

Caring specialists provide individualized programs which can range from strength, cardio-vascular, sports specific fitness training, pre-natal/post-partum and senior flexibility fitness regimes, post-rehabilitation all of which may incorporate yoga, Pilates, TRX, trigger point, massage, myofacial and active release therapies, to name a few.

Additional Options

In addition to the START Method, utilizing a variety of specialists working with one client, we offer a variety of programming options to meet your needs. You may also choose a traditional one-on-one programming with one specialist.

Should you have Post-Rehabilitation needs, START provides that option too.

We believe you can START to be fit and healthier at any age and we provide programming that specifically caters to seniors.

All fitness programs, regardless of choice, will provide monthly assessments and individualized programming based on your needs.

START-Living your life the way it was meant to be…in balance and pain free!

Contact us to learn more, schedule a consultation, or ask for a reference.