START to get your kids unplugged and more productive in our fast moving world…

START’s kids’ and young adults’ individualized programs help provide:

  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Improved immune system function
  • Weight loss
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Improved sleep patterns and mood
  • Lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Reduced restlessness or hyperactivity and decrease symptoms of ADHD
  • Decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

START builds self-esteem, confidence and improves social and emotional well-being bringing balance to your child’s life.


The best place to start a good habit is when you are young and at START we work with kids of all ages and levels. We believe that children that feel good about themselves and have good/strong/high self-image not only perform better in school but also in all aspects of their lives. Since our children are so attached to their smart phones, tablets, and computers, their bodies are also adjusting and becoming those of desk jockeys much earlier in life. START’s programming helps kids address poor posture, alignment and compensation so these issues do not become chronic as they enter adulthood.

START’s specialists not only get the kids in better health, but they also motivate, uplift, and support each child.

Kids need variety in their exercise routines to reap the greatest rewards, so we may combine:

START’s caring specialists work with you and your family to provide your child with an individualized program (in pictures and in words) to best support their wellness needs.

START-Living your life the way it was meant to be…in balance and pain free!

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