Repercussions of added sugar use


Did you know if you drink one can of soda a day 7 times a week you are a third more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Right now if you buy any sort of packaged food its 77% likely that added sugar will be contained in it. This makes added sugar very hard to avoid as packaged food can be in the form of bread, bagels, ketchup, and salad dressing. To cut down on daily sugar intake, nutritionist Elisa Zied said, “Having some naturally sweet fruit before digging into that candy bar or bag of jelly beans can help fill you up and potentially have less of that empty calorie food.” The reason why you should eat sugary fruit, instead of completely cutting out sugar, is because your body naturally craves sugar as it is so accustom to a certain amount. Eating fruit is the best way of bypassing these cravings to eat sugary food that tends to have no nutritional value. To find out more about cutting sugar from your diet click on the link below to NBC News’s article.

How Many Rest Days Do I Really Need?

Looking for maximum results from the work out you just put yourself through? Justin White from Greatist has analyzed multiple science journals and has come up with the optimal number of rest days required in order to have your muscles fully recuperate. The numbers lies somewhere between one and three days; his ultimate conclusion was that due to multiple factors – example age, having a one size fits all recovery time, is inappropriate.  Why is recovery so important? Well, due to the fact that physical exercise actually damages muscle fibers, there needs to be a time were your body can rebuild. This time occurs within the next three days after a workout.  Therefore train hard and recover appropriately for maximum results.

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Seven ‘Great’ Science-Backed Way to Keep Any New Year’s Resolution

Having a tough time keeping your New Year’s resolutions, this article makes a bold claim that’s “scientifically proven” to help you keep them! The formula recommended is a seven-step process. To summarize: Obtain some kind of feedback to keep you on track, prime your environment (you are the sum of the people who you hang out with), break your goals into small short term goals, figure out if your goal is something you know how to do or not, make your goal specific and challenging, and pick only one goal. If you want to be part of the less than 10% of people that actually fulfill their New Year’s goals go ahead and check out the article on Greatist’s website.


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A Pain in the Neck – Our Reliance on Technology

As our reliance on technology increases and helps to improve and make our lives ‘easier’, we continue to do less and become worse physically. The use of technology in today’s society is almost completely mandatory, unless, of course, you are living under a rock with no Wi-Fi access.

Smartphones, which over half of the US population own, link many people to their jobs, friends, and loved ones. The use of smartphones has become so engrained and necessary in today’s society that they are directly impacting our bodies on a grand scale. You may not realize it but, the way in which you answer a phone, or text, is affecting and hurting your body, and this is becoming a common health issue that is plaguing America and many first world countries. Some major problems with neck/back issues are that they can cause life-changing disabilities that cause victims pain, physical disfigurement, and the inability to walk and function normally. This, in turn, will and is costing taxpayers, children of future generations, and society…

The next time you talk on your smart phone, or send a text, think about the position your body is in, and possibly the harm that you are doing to yourself. Just a 60 degree angle of your head to look at your phone puts the equivalent of 60 pound pressure on your cervical spine. Imagine carrying an 8 year old around your neck for 2-4 hours a day and the impact of that …scary! Read the article and START to realign yourself now!


KickSTART your 2015!

Did you know that 67%  of people make three or more resolutions* and that ‘Increasing Exercise’ is the number one resolution? More people make a resolution to start a new habit rather than break an old one. We at START care about you. No matter how old or how fit, whether you are adding exercise to your life or want to increase exercise to improve the new you in 2015, START is with you all the way.

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*Schwarz, Joel. “How to keep up with those New Year’s resolutions, researchers find commitment is the secret of success.” University of Washington. 23 December 1997. 27 Dec 2011.